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First post, bear with me.
Need parts to repair reverse clutch, the clutch plate and 3 rollers. I see Cogan Brothers Machine makes these parts. Has anyone dealt with these folks or have a recommendation for another source?

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You should try Richards lawn and garden. They do a lot of gravely stuff and I have had good experiences dealing with them. Here is the link: .

I have heard some not to good things about Cogan Valley machine lately. I would avoid dealing with them for now.

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I needed a few of the old style (the old two piece style doesn't wear out the plate) so I made some. Not only were they easy to make but quick as well.

Materials needed:
1 pc - 1/4" x 36" oil hardening rod - $2.57
1 pc - 1/2" x 36" oil hardening rod - $8.39

I used about 1 ft of material making 18 of them.

Tomorrow I will heat them and then dunk in some oil motor oil to harden them. It took me a little over an hour to make them.
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