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8" rims on a Craftsman LT?

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I have a '08 Craftsman Pro yard tractor with the standard 6" rims and turf tires. They can slip when used for snow duty. I just acquired a set of 8" rims with snowhog tires on them. I thought they might offer better traction in the snow. What would happen if I put 8" rims with 16x6 tires on them on my LT. Obviously the front will be about an inch higher off the ground, but are there any other things to worry about. Here's the tractor.

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Its 2wd, right? Nothing to worry about there.

I'd check that the taller tires/rims won't hit/rub against anything when turning.
Thats all I can think of.
Is the blower going to have enough downtravel to make up for the inch rise and still stay in contact with the ground when going over the crest of a hill?
:ditto: what they both said- Make sure nothing rubs, make sure the blower will still contact the ground. Just put them on and try. :) Do these wheels have bushings in them? You don't want steel on steel...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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