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770B FEL confounding me

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I'm a homeowner/mechanic who knows nothing about tractor hydraulics. A friend brought me his Ford 1310 with a 770B FEL and says it was working until he disconnected/reattached. After that, the arms would make full travel when empty, but not with a load. Although, the bucket would curl a full load no problem. Considering this showed up after a simple disconnect/reattach there's no reason to suspect any busted/broken springs/seals/etc. Using it as a dozer (pushing 3-4 inches of loose dirt) I managed to pop an ancient hose in the bucket curl line. Replaced said hose and now the bucket acts like the arms, curls fine until there's a load in the bucket.

I've looked at the manual for the tractor but the section on hydraulics only tells me about the rear 3PH system, not the FEL.

Can anyone help? I wouldn't recognize a spool valve from a drain plug much less know where these things are. But after reading the tractor manual I have a general idea of what the terms mean at least.

Otherwise, does anyone have the FEL manual? Does it describe how to fix the problem? I've already spent $ I don't have on fluid and a gauge, I don't want to waste more $ on a book that may or may not tell me what I need to know.

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And we FINALLY figured it out. Bleeding air from cylinders is done by raising/lowering S-L-O-W-L-Y. Also, he told me how he came to have power steering on this tractor. It was originally manual until the thing cocked up. His PSU is Teed from the line that runs to the control valve to the FEL. He didn't tell me this, but I theorised it and he says it makes sense but admits to not knowing much about hydraulics himself::: The bucket will lift the tractor and curl a load of dirt no problem bc of the mechanical advantage, but the arms take a higher pressure, which might be JUST enough to run pressure through the relief valve on the PSU, assuming it has one. Maybe, or not.
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IF the power steering comes from a T in the line to the loader valve set, I'm surprised that you have power steering at all. Power steering depends on the flow of fluid through the system, and that flow will take the easiest path back to the reservoir, through the open center loader valve set rather than do any work with steering the tractor.

Does your manual have a circuit diagram for the hydraulics? There is a link in my signature that will take you to the Hydraulics Forum where you will find several hydraulic tutorials in the stickies at the top of the index page. Pick one and read it for a bit of understanding of the basics, then you will be in a better position to understand some of what is going on and can ask, and answer, questions about your system from that basis.

Basic hydraulics is pretty simple. You use it without thinking about it when you water the lawn with an oscillating or rotating sprinkler. The principals are the same for your tractor, the application is different.
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Sorry, I wasn't clear. I should've said PSU and FEL return to a T on the inlet side of the diverter/relief block. Tracing from the outlet side a single hose disappears into a recess under the fuel tank near the base of the steering column. Things are too dark and tight in there for me to really see much let alone trace hoses, but there is a hose coming out of that area up to the FEL control body, and 2 more hoses going out the other side of that dark area to a DA cylinder attached to the steering bell crank.

As for a hydraulic diagram... Yeah, I wish. Some manuals get detailed, telling you to loosen bolt A and remove bolts B and C as highlighted in Fig 1, swing thingamabob out of the way, then loosen all bolts shown in Figure 2a, slip the belt from the pulley on doohickey, and remove the loose bolts to remove doohickey. This manual just says to remove or swing thingamabob clear and remove doohickey.

Anyways, friend is happy now, as he only uses this CUT to fix his driveway, not actually load material into transport. Shame too, since this old tank will do so much more.
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Yup, T's in return lines are common.

It's all fixed. That's what counts!
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