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75th anniversary edition tractor

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I 'm looking at a 1997 simplicity sovereign 75th anniversary edition tractor with a little over a 100 hrs on it ,nice shape. for $1495, does anyone know if these are good machines, it has a 18hp kohler ohc triad engine. and a 3pt rear hitch. I currently own a jd saber 2554 nice tractor but I want a 3pt.
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The sovereign Does not have a 3point but does have a one point hitch (sleeve Hitch) so it can take any of these attachments or these the same as your Sabre will with a Integral hitch (sleeve Hitch) But the Sovereign is a great shaft driven tractor I have a 74 or 75 version called a 7016 Mine has electric lift the 1997 model had Hydraulic lift. :thThumbsU
The triad motors in them like to eat themselves. Many were replaced under warrantee with a command motor. If it has the command that is a fair price. If it is a triad price it as if it needed a motor.
what is the down side of the sleeve hitch,& do you think the tractor is heavy duty, I want to pull a small disc with it, and maybe put a rear scoop on it. or grader blade. and did they make a larger deck for it?
No real down side to a sleeve hitch all my Cub Cadets tractors have them as well as my JD 112, Soveriegn 7016 and my 140H3 has both a sleeve hitch and cat0 3point and I also have a sleeve hitch for my Ingersoll 3016. It just most of the sleeve hitch implements are on a smaller scale compared to a Cat 0 or Limited Cat 1 3point hitch. I can take full size tractor implements as long as they don't exceed 450Lbs on my JD X485 with limited Cat 1 3point hitch. They made 42 and 48inch decks for the Sovereign. The Sovereign will be able to pull a small disk,Rear Blade or even a Johnny Bucket front of rear.
The tractor is something of a collectors item, unfortunately the OHC engines are junk. The tractor itself is heavy duty but the garden tractor disc harrow is more of a finishing tool for hilling in a garden. If you are wanting to break sod with this tractor you'll need a moldboard plow attachment or a tiller attachment, both are fairly easy to find.
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