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'73 craftsman 8HP 306CC accessories

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I recently became the owner of a Craftsman 8HP riding mower, vintage 1973, complete with a cigar lighter (guess people had their priorities back then...). I have 2 questions:

- is there such a thing as a bagger attachment for it? i haven't been able to find anything online - not even sure if they made such a thing then. maybe there's something out there that might fit? or, maybe i could build something for it if someone has done it?

- is there such a thing as mulching blades for it? these might be better if the bagger attachement doesn't exist.

if neither of these can be had, i'm not sure of the value in keeping it since i don't want to blow cut grass all over the place when i mow the lawn. Or, is that what people did when they bought this mower? this is my first time owning a riding mower, so this is all new to me. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

maybe it has value racing the kids across the street with their motorized riding toys, although they might beat me...

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