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71 and 72 rockshaft comparison,..

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I realy like the rockshaft on the model 71. I dont think I'am going to like at all the rockshaft on my model 72. Which is better? I have the model 123 rockshaft out, and the 72 out and can post pictures of both later. That 72 one seems wierd. And I dont know what now I will do about the rusted crome handel. I dont like crome on a tractor, just my tractors that is.
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They both pretty much do the same thing,One has a float button and the other has a bail you flip over on the top button to float your implements.The chrome ones don't bend as easy as the painted ones,They are interchangeable so whatever you like on yours it will work.
Thanks for the reply. Been a bit sick, so I have yet to post picts. This way I can show you guys what my concerns are. Thanks, U.S.A Tractor Joe
This float button,.....looks like I need some replacement parts. I think I will go ahead and use the 72 rockshaft on the 72. You are correct; the 72 does look a bit more heavy duty! The other rockshaft is from my 123. I'll prolly paint the crome shaft part aluminum, like the grill of the 72. Ok, thanks.:fing32:


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I been sick too, it's rough. About this time every year in southeastern Ohio there's a rush of people getting some sort of nasty illness. Glad to see you're making progress though. Those two rockshafts are certainly different, the one you're using looks similar to the one that was on my 129.
The rockshaft from the 123 is the same as the 71 rockshaft. Sorry about the title thread:banghead3! Justin- seems like when I'am over a cold, then someone else at work gets it, then me AGAIN! O well, I got a pretty good immune system!
just needed a bump up to reassemble. Thanks!
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