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"71 110

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Hey guys, I'm seriously considering buying this tractor for $275, how hard would it be to find a hitch and how much would it cost? obviously it'll need a new seat right away, but it seems to run good and the price is right...


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well, I have a cultivator I could pull with it, I thought I'd just take the deck off and set it aside or sell it. be a good little tractor to tend the garden, and beat around. Maybe restore it. I have a bigger one for tilling and breaking ground.
If it's still there tomorrow morning I'm bringin it home, just hope SWMBO don't raise too much sand over it:lalala:
Well I just picked it up. Believe it or not I had super luck so far, knock on wood. It had the sleeve hitch with it! Got both drive belts while I was there as the ones on it look pretty worn. Total price for all with taxes was $331!
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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