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707 Broadmoor questions??

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I found a nice clean original 707 Broadmoor with hi/lo and a mower deck for $275-It runs and operates nice.Is that a decent price for one?What years were they made?The guy said half of the serial # tag fell off.Any other way to determine the year?Thanks
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The Broadmoor series was introduced in 1963 with the Broadmoor 6 hp. The 707 was introduced in 1966 in 3 variations. 990373/374/375 One was a basic manual start lawn tractor, one was manual start with deluxe tires, and one was electirc start and deluxe tires.

I am pretty sure the 707 was made just the one year as the 717 was introduced in 1967,

I think you got a pretty decent price if it all runs well and mows well. The hi/lo is a plus and was needed or recommended at least for using the roto tiller and the snow blower.

If you don't have them, you can download the manuals here:
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It has elecric start also.


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I have a 707 and it was bought new by my grandfather in 1966. Im not sure of other years but that should give your a starting point.
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