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6volt to 12 volt

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hi first time in big tractors im and old cub narow frame guy but had the chance to get a 57 farmall with one arm loader i would like to change to 12 volts all that i've read says to use an alt my ? i have a complete set up for a cub 107 could i just exchange those parts gen voltage reg and coil it looks like i'll just have to make a one inch spacer for the gen thanks you for the help
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Should work just fine, the components won't care what tractor their on, so long as they fit and work correctly.
The 107 has a starter generator. You can convert to 12 volts two ways. Either
put on a 12volt generator or alternator and the appropriate regulator. You won't need one if you use a GM one wire setup. Or if you want it to look original you can simply put on a 12 volt regulator with the generator you have, it works I did it on a JD B. I believe you'll need an "A" circuit regulator. You'll need to switch to 12 volt bulbs of course.

thanks guys thats what i throught but it's always nice to get second opinion
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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