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So this week i tore into my poor neglected J-35358.

I had picked it up on CL like 2 years ago (my first gravely i brough home) an it had sat outside at the PO and likewise at my place.

(so we start, see all pics hear

The E-start was rusted up had which lead to my believing the engine was also locked up.

but as i got farther and father in to the tear down, and finnally removed the head to see what the damage was. I was pleasntly surprised to find, a cylinder in great condition! (although it needs valve work)

after 4 hrs of fighting rusty bolts and hardware. Much use of the gas ax to both cut old bolts off and heating others i needed to save. Im down to this.

Ill need some carb parts (or perhaps an ebay carb) Ill need to break down the valves and work on them. But at this point thats as far as im going.

Just got to get my paint lined up and start working on the pile of wheels/rims ive got to work on.

Couple of questions...

Do people make an attempt to straighten the not-so-straight handlebars? Or do you figure they have earned 40 years of use so just leave it.

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The link didn't work.

I straightened my handlebars a bit when I did the L8 project.

Looks like a nice job so far. Looking forward to more pix!
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