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674 Dash light

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Does anyone know what the two lamps on the dash are for on an 674 gas?. I beleive one of them is a battery light but, the other is a mystery. Also, the tractor runs for a few moments then dies. It was hard to keep it running but when it did I drove for about 500 feet to my work site and shut it down. Did my then got half way back and died. The tractor starts for about 30 seconds and dies the choke must be pulled even think about pushing it in and it dies. I added about 2 1/2 gallons of gas and not much help.

I'm going to add more fuel later and try again my question is if the tractor was bone dry would 2 gallons make much difference? That's what? 10 percent? of total capacity. ( I was mouth siphoning to get that out of my jeep) The tractor is on a pretty good slope with the right side being the downhill side. I say that because I do not know where the line exits the tank from.

Any help is always appreciated and tips for care and maintenance is good also (other than keeping fresh fuel in it..though still working on that one)
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The fuel filter, or sediment bowl could be dirty causing slow fuel delivery. my 464 has a brake light, but the other is a telite for low hydroulic fluid or low presure.
Good info thx. I tighten the fuel shut-off solenoid and I'm going to try it again in the morning I'm having trouble find the fuel filter. I'll just have to trace it again there got to be one right.
had tractor been sitting for a while sounds like needle valve is stuck in the carb, or trash somewhere in the fuel system, only way i got my old ih's running was to clean tank lines sediment bowl and filters.
Well, I've taken the carb off and getting it cleaned/rebuilt in hopes that solves my problem. Would anyone happen to know where the filter and/or strainer be located at on 674? it's seemingly not in an obvious place..any chance I don't have one? Thanks again.
See att fuel tank , strainer and pipework layout, for Gas Tractor,

Lights on dash ! for alternator charge & 1 for indicating that transmission lubrication pressure is above 5Psi,


Thx Cyrush, that is good information. It was right where it is supposed to be. Cleaned it out and put cleaned carb back on and it fired right right up, stayed running and everything. Although, it seemed to run rough with some sputtering and black smoke from exhaust. Perhaps, idle screw or choke cable adjustment needs looked at? Stuck it back in barn tired to fire it up again and it's acting like it has no spark. gonna tweek it and see what happens in a week or two when I get back down to it. Thanks for the help.
Well, after getting carb cleaned and rebuilt my tractor is running good! (sorta) it revs at idle. When I get to it i'll adjust the screw and hopefully that will take care of that. Here's a pic of my fuel bowl. Prior to cleaning. Auto part Rust
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