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67' 110 Restoration

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Hey everyone! I have a 1967 110 that i am in the process of restoring. It is going really quick! i have probably 15 or so hrs into it and have already driven it around and ran it through the gears, took off the hood, grill, front mounts, front bumper plate, battery, bat box and electronics, starter and generator, seat, gear box cover(the plastic thing), pto unit, and engine. I have taken the head off the engine and the oil breather to look at the valves because i thought i heard a slit top end knock and burned a little oil under load so i cleaned the crap out of the valves cylider head top of the head and any thing that had carbon build up. The head gasket i think is/was bad because i saw oil on the side wear it had seeped out between the head and block(I hope that makes sense) Ill post some pictures to so the progress but its moving quick! Any ideas, tips, suggestions are welcome!


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