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67' 110 Resto

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Hi all i am 16 years old and have always been in love with tractors(especially JD) One of my grandpas recently passed away and he worked at JD as a welder for 30 years! He was not the healthiest of guys so he slowly got sicker and sicker. I have a lot of ideas for projects going on in my brain and had the idea to restore a cool old tractor to surprise him with...well he passed away and so i finally talked to my parents and other grandparents(Old farmers and my gpa restores old tractors) So i got the go ahead from them to use one of there garages and tools and my grandpa would be helping me as well. I got some donations from my parents but i paid for most of the tractor and my grents are going to pay for part of the paint as their donation(great ppl i have!) Anyway my project is a 1967 110 i saw on CL for $500. I had been looking at it for a while and once i got the OK i called him up asked some ques. and what his bottom # was($475) I knew i couldnt afford 500 but 475 isnt much less...On 9/5/13 my dad and i drove 30 min south to look at it and it was actually nice! Longer story shorter i got it for $450.
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on the way home!
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Starting the tear down! I got to my gpas after school and was expecting to be able to drive it around but saw it was hoisted up in the front by an engine hoist:swow:He came out and said he tuned the carb up and tightened the float bowl up and drove it a bit and thought he heard a top end knock...(Nervousness!) so we put the carb on and a few other misc parts he had investigated and i drove it around to see how it ran and if it smoked still(not much just a little in the beginning or when you shifted) so i put her back in the garage and we ate some dinner at 4:30(good ole' farmers) we came back and took the head off and the oil breather to inspect the valves and head/cylinder. It was sooo built up with carbon and crud! I enjoyed cleaning that off! I had also noticed where it looked like oil/gas had seeped through the head and block. So we added a gasket maker/sealer to the head gasket and oil breather gaskets. Put her back together and she ran great!(always did but even better)

*Forget to mention that Im doing this in memory of my gpa and my gma doesnt know about it! Also doing this as an FFA SAE project.


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Very nice tractor there. Great having family projects with your parents/grandparents.
Thanks! It has been very enjoy able and moving very fast!

5:00 am~I'm up and eating a quick bowl of cereal before i head off to my gpas. I have to work 12-6 and want to get some work done and still have time to relax before then...

Project list for the morning
-take off tires/fenders
-take off seat
-take off exhaust
-take off PTO unit
-remove battery and fuel tank
-take off mower shrowed

Done by 8:30!

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I am subscribed! Looks like you are doing a great job so far with a great reason to do it!

5:00 again~i work 12:30-6 today so basically the same story!

Project List
-Take out engine
-Clean engine
-Try and figure out how to undo axle from frame(No manual yet!)

Done by 8:00 but have to go get gas :Disgus:
*12 hrs of work so far

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~engines undone!

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~getting a better look at the underside

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~46 years of grit grim and grease!

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~The ever growing parts wall

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~ How she sits as of 9/8/13
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Subscribed! You are doing great. I love to see a young person up at 5:00 am with a passion to get stuff done before going to work. Great Job!
Thank you! I really appreciate all the encouraging comments it really goes along way!
Man i wish i had that kind of passion to fix my sears. I have alot of passion but not enough to wake up early to work on one lol.
Does anybody know what linkages would need to be disconnected to pull the transaxle from my 110 i think i got them but not sure. Thanks!
Remove the brake rod and the idler spring and secondary drive belt. Take out the bolts and you should be able to lift the frame off the transaxle with the wheels still on it.
Thats what i thought i had to do... i have done that minus undoing the bolts. Thanks again
I thought I had commented to your post when I first saw it a few days ago but guess I didn't. I'll be following it. I'm putting my 66 110 back together right now.
This will be a nice FFA project and i'm sure you will make your grandma very proud.
Nice project and moving right along, keep up the good work :fing32:
Thinking about starting a small vlog? Not every day but just videos of the "shop" and progress/updates as well as the regular text, pic updates. Any thoughts?

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I love to see a Kid interested in our passion~! Nice tractor! If you need any help, you come to the right place! Subscribing!!
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Another update! yesterday we pulled the transaxle... much easier than i thought! I really am enjoying this project so emensley, It's so nice to be doing something that doesnt get you burnt out or frustrated. Any way to day I got out of school at 12:30 due to heat and lack of a/c Hahaha! So the project list for today
-Use a wire wheel bench grinder to clean loads of misc bolts nuts washers etc.
-Use the same guy to clean smaller parts like linkages and mower links
-Use an alngle grinder with a wire wheel to strip of the paint!...sweitch to an orbital sander because the grinder is a very dramatic tool!

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~after pressure wash

Machine Workshop

~The man him self "Pops"

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~before sanding the paint off

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~about half way through

*More tomorrow!
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:thThumbsU You're doing good. At this rate you will be going through this project in no time!
You are doing GREAT bear! Enjoy the time with your grandfather and I think it is really cool that you are doing this for your other late grandfather. I am sorry to hear that. I am in the middle of a complete restoration on a JD 400 GT and am loving every minute of it. It is my first JD, first GT, and first full blown restoration project. Here is my link if you are interested.

You have came to the right place that's for sure. Everyone on MTF is great and very helpful!

My grandfather passed away in 1989 when I was 13. I spent a lot of time with him growing up and he had all kinds of toys and tractors. He could build anything. He had a huge collection of Ertil toy tractors that I always loved looking at. Every time I go out to work on my 400 I think of him and have been doing my restore for him as well. Your grandfather would be very proud of you! And Pops I know is very proud of you. Again cherish the time.

And I am subscribed and will definitely be following your build! Good luck
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