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66 suburban

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Been looking for a 66 suburban and found what appeared to be a 66 suburban 12 last week. The guy that has it called it a 68 but everything about it looks like a 66 to me. The model# is 917.25511 and when I searched this it came back as a 70 super 12. This tractor was restored by the person that the current owner got it from. My understanding is 66 was the only year that the Roper made tractors had flat fenders like the David Bradley's. Is this correct? I know Sears got a little strange with their model numbers sometimes and I want to make sure this a 66 and not just something that someone has put together. The current owner knows nothing about the tractor other than it's a suburban. Does this model # sound correct? Thanks
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If it's what you like and what you want why does the year make a difference ?
I guess I just didn't want to get something that someone has cobbled together.
Cobble is my middle name. I think flat fenders were earlier, but if you like it you only have to satisfy yourself.
That said, putting that in a google search hits your super 12, and a search on the sears site also shows super 12.
The Super 12 is a popular tractor and If the guy managed to bolt on a pair of flat fenders, that's pretty easy to undo.
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This is a good site to ID what you are looking for. Looks like '66 still had flat fenders. My tractor is probably the '67 10 since it is orange with round fenders.
My 66 hasflat fenders and is blue and white


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This tractor looks identical to the one Slow Crawler has pictured. I was just curious as to why the model # might show it as a 70 super 12. I didn't know if Sears was possibly still doing flat fender tractors as late as 1970 even though all the roper made suburbans that I've seen had the model numbers that indicated they were a 66. Thought maybe someone knew of something that Sears might have done differently on some of the tractors.
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The flat fenders didn't come on the tractor but could easily be bolted on. Also the data plate would be very easy to change from tractor to tractor. It shouldn't be surprising that things have been changed in the 46 years since it was made. If you like it buy it and if you don't don't. Roger
A 70 12 should also have foot boards and not rests, gas tank hole in the hood, and a padded seat.
It might have some parts swapped around on it, its easy enough to do. Heres a pretty easy way to tell, crawl under the rear end and look at the transaxle drive pulley, is it solid or does it have concentric circles cut in it?
66 should be identical to the one slow crawler posted. I had one last year too. Maybe the original transmission blew up and they replaced the whole back of the frame because they thought it was easier than replacing the transmission. Some poeple do wierd things in the interest of "making a job easier"
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