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66 Sears I picked up

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Picked this up with some misc items has a 3 point and a deck


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Sweet !!! it looks about like my 66. Great tractors
Good looking tractor!Hope it works good for you.
I have 2 66's, a 10hp and a 12hp. out of all my collection, they would be the last I'd sell! Your missing a couple guards, no big deal though. I see you still have the original seat and muffler, and those are almost always gone.:fing32:
I don't think that scissor type deck was available, has something been modified to make it fit? I've only seen them on some of the later models.
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Nice find!:thThumbsU
Nice looking tractor, even has the removable grille piece and center link for the 3 point. I think you just switch the deck mounts from the 42" to the 48" and it will work with no other mods.
Picked this up with some misc items has a 3 point and a deck
looks exactly like the one i have, n mine has the original seat too...... very nice find by the way
Very nice!
Nice grab.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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