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66 landlord reversed polarity??? why neg plug polarity?

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i searched and read but still don't have an answer.
1966 2010 landlord 10hp briggs with electronic module replacing points otherwise stock.
i rebuilt my 10hp briggs 243431 since it burned alot of oil. rebuild went very well and included a new 2 leg armature/coil .
no spark at start up. checking plug wire gives a negative polarity..?? ??
i reversed the module polarity(switched wires) and it now has spark and runs great but starts hard.
why did this happen?
does the starter/generator need to be polarized to run a certain direction?
i need to check which direction the motor is running! (clockwise when viewed from sitting (before the rebuild), if i remember correctly)
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yes. i put the nova-like module on 2 years ago and ran very well..except for burning oil...
no one has come across this???
it was a complete rebuild including new piston, rings, con rod and crank bearings.....
finally figured it out!!!
i do all the engine work myself..always have...
when i installed the coil/armature... i flipped it 180 degrees for a cleaner "look" of the wires. this changed polarity!
i flipped it back and voila... positive at the plug wire and starts very easily..
amazing the torque behind these rebuilt 10hp briggs...
thanks for the replies!!!
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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