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'64 Landlord front piece

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So I've been using my '64 Landlord to mow a little less than an acre. It's what I've got currently running that'll fit on my small 4x8 trailer.

Can't really fault it, runs good and mows alright in second. The belts start slipping before the engine starts bogging, but that may be for the better.

Anyways. Apparently I didn't secure the white front screen right last I had the engine out, it fell off and under. And the mower deck got it.

It didn't fare well. I bent it back flat, but there's chunks missing.

It's mostly a cosmetic piece, but she looks a bit sad without it.
Anyone know of a similar style steel mesh I can buy and cut to shape, or anyone got a spare they want to sell?
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Good call on McMaster-Carr, thanks
This looks very close - McMaster-Carr
And at $32 for 24" square 16ga isn't too awful, with 16ga being the heaviest with the correct hole spacing.

I'll give it a shot, cheers.
Came in today, quick shipping...
A little expensive shipping ($16) but it was a huge box

Looks like I measured correctly, the holes are a perfect match.
The 16ga is a little lighter than the original, but it's stout enough it'll work fine

Fortunately I've got a second '64 Landlord, can borrow it's front piece to use as a template.
May try it this weekend
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A couple pieces of angle iron, a pair of clamps, and a mini-sledge got me decently clean bends

Came about about as close as I could have hoped to my model (new in white, my other landlord has a less traditional paint scheme).

Only minor thing is the front PTO hole isn't perfect, comes to a bit of a point at the bottom... but ah well, 's not all that noticeable

Brand new stainless screws are holding this one in

So yep.. bit of an expensive mistake
Total shipped from McMaster was $48.89, + a $5 rattlecan.
But this little guy doesn't owe me much

Got a new, slightly better belt so 's mowing better.
Took on ~2.5 acres of scrubby field, runnin' good -- esp. considering 's 51 years old now (engine is a bit newer, but not by much)

Next project for this one will be a repaint and get the original style Simplicity script back on the dash tower. The hood sticker has kinda irked me since I picked it up.
...also replace the front two hood mounts, took me a bit to realize the squeak I was hearing was the hood vibrating on the generator mount. heh.
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1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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