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'64 Landlord front piece

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So I've been using my '64 Landlord to mow a little less than an acre. It's what I've got currently running that'll fit on my small 4x8 trailer.

Can't really fault it, runs good and mows alright in second. The belts start slipping before the engine starts bogging, but that may be for the better.

Anyways. Apparently I didn't secure the white front screen right last I had the engine out, it fell off and under. And the mower deck got it.

It didn't fare well. I bent it back flat, but there's chunks missing.

It's mostly a cosmetic piece, but she looks a bit sad without it.
Anyone know of a similar style steel mesh I can buy and cut to shape, or anyone got a spare they want to sell?
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I have seen mesh like that but can not remember right now where.

That is one good looking tractor for its age. Ours doesn't look as good, a good bath might help it.

:D Al
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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