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62 Economy restore pics

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Here are a few progmess pics of my 62's restore. She should be done in the next day or two. More pics to come and possibly a video. I might do a little paint refurb on my 1614 over the next few weeks.

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Nice job! What paint is that? Other than dash hood and air cleaner is anything left? Wont be long now! Can't wait to see it done.
what did you ude to strip the rust and paint?
I used Tractor Supplies Restoration Series Allis Chalmers orange. I thinned it, added hardener and sprayed it thru my gun. It is pretty decent paint, I can't justify using automotive type paints on tractors anymore. I'm not too sure how close AC orange is to the original paint but whatever was left on this one did look more orange than it did red.
I generally use a heavy duty wire cup on an angle grinder. It strips everything off real fast. Make sure to wear a dust mask and safety glasses as sometimes a little piece of the wire comes lose.
The hood is completely done with new decal added, it is on the tractor now. For the most part all I need to do to consider it done is fire it up and take it for a ride.
Wow its looking good! I used AC orange also as case orange is alittle too red.

Did you do any mechanical work or is it all in pretty good shape?
Lookes great!!! :congrats::congrats::congrats: Real nice job.
Here are a few pics of the finished tractor. Since I'm on a roll the 1614 just might be next, then maybe I can hibernate for the rest of the winter.

you did... an AH-MAZING. maybe you should do the 1614. then you can have 2 great looking tractors, not that the other doesn't look great now. thanks for posting pics and if you decide to do the 1614 be sure to take even more!
Thanks for the comments guys. I think a few things I may still do is add ag tires to the rear and new tri ribs up front. i think I'm going to leave the lift handle off as I won't be using any implements with this tractor, it will also make it easier to get on and off. And with that, one last pic.
Very nice looking tractor, great job restoring it!! I have a chance to buy this model but needs some work. What do you think that these tractors are worth?
I really don't know too much about what it would go for. I've thought a little about selling this one but I really don't know what too ask.
Great job, Sir.

That is too purty to use!
Great job! and I love the old diamond treads. I like the way you routed the exaust and bet it sounds as good as it looks. Keep up the good work!
Beautiful! I gotta find me one of those machines...they look right up my alley...simple and easy to work on. They have always caught my eye, but I still ahve not run across a deal on one.

Simply gorgeous!
How cool looking is that !! You did an awsum job. :trink40:
Nice job!! I am planning a restore on my 1961 Economy. Looking at this just makes me want to start today.
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