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5665 k301 Flywheel Pull

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Finally got around to pulling the flywheel on the 5665 today. It did not go easy. Attached are a few photos of what I found. All but one magnet is stuck to the stator...odd but this is the first time looking behind a k301 flywheel..shouldnt the magnets be glued to the inside of the flywheel?

I'd be interested in any assessments and recommendations for how to proceed.

Thanks in advance.

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Put the tractor back together yesterday evening. Everything went pretty smoothly. Starts and runs nicely now. Need to do a charging system check next.

Also would like to give a shout out to Berlin Gravely who sold me one of their aftermarket stainless steel replacement gas tanks for a 5000 series. My original had failed after a previous owner attempted a duct tape and epoxy repair. The new SS tank is just awesome, true to the original design but with stainless straps and fasteners. You provide your own cap and petcock. Priced lower than a used tank on Ebay. I will post pictures later.

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Hi. I'm looking for this fuel tank online. Where might I be directed to? Thanks
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Berlin Gravely 330-893-2421 for stainless steel
[email protected] for 16 ga steel
Richards Lawn and Garden 1-800-827-4551
Green Acres Power Equipment [email protected] 845-986-0910
Also a Cub Cadet 129 gas tank is the same size and the same filler location.
A life saver! I coated the original tank 10 years ago. That gave up the end of last year and a replacement has been illusive until stumbling upon this old thread.
I'll be reaching out to these contacts. Thanks so much.
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I got my new tank from Berlin Gravely in Ohio. $168 after taxes and shipping. It's a great tank. Mild stainless steel tank with welded seams and end plates, stainless straps and bolts, and an interior welded nut for the petcock valve.
Now for the cons...
The 1/8" NPT threading on the valve nut is quite tight. The valve was hand tight with two rounds of thread engaged. I got one more full rotation of the valve with a wrench.
The tank isn't an exact replacement. It doesn't have internal baffles. It's also not the same size and profile. With welded ends, it doesn't have rounded a rounded profile. And it's a little over 1/2" taller than the original tank. This causes the hood to ride on the tank rather than the rubber bumpers at the dash.
I'll have to attempt some modifications to the tank mounts but there's frame bolts directly under the tank that might prevent lowering of the tank mount. It may require "dimpling" the tank to drop between the frame bolts.
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