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550Z Zero Turn Debacle

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I got involved in a situation where I work for a guy that wants to help a guy that has a no start situation with a 550Z. It has 45 hrs on it. 2017 I think.
I contacted Snapper Corp. - they don't offer any repair or troubleshooting manuals.
I went to the local Snapper dealer where the machine was purchased. - they told me to take a hike.

I took the schematic, and physically tested every component. They all tested good. I could use a clue here!I told the guy no charge if I can't fix it. I spent time on it, had to give up. It beat me.
Now the guy insists I go back and try again. This time I have to charge.
I guess the next thing to do is try and trace the 12v from the yellow starter switch wire and see where the 12v stops.

I jumped the solenoid with the ign. on, it turns over robustly, but no start.

I tested starter switch, PTO switch, neutral switches, brake switch, seat switch, fuse, circuit breaker. Battery is good.

At a loss! Thanks if anyone can help.


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what does it do when turning the key?
OK thanks for reply. Not a sound with the starter switch. The 12v wasn't getting to the solenoid.

I went over and started tracing the yellow start wire. I just checked for voltage along its way through all the switches. When it got to the left hand neutral switch, that was it.

I had taken that switch out and continuity tested it. But I pressed the button all the way in so I thought it worked. On the machine, it wasn't getting depressed far enough! I glued a piece of wood to the lever, which made the switch depress farther. Good for now.

The guy has a huge field lawn, I ran the machine 100 yards, never drove a zero turn before, slight learning curve there !
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