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55 CA My first big toy :)

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I picked up this gem back in july with a double bottom plough and a manure bucket. Shes been all gone through runs like a top! Took her in the town parade last weekend! Looking for many years with her to come!:thThumbsU


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Nice machine! I really like the CAs since they have the hand clutch with the live pto.
Nice CA.
Nice machine! I really like the CAs since they have the hand clutch with the live pto.
They're definitely an animal of their own! I want to pick up some haying equipment for her!
Neat! Are you thinking a roto-baler?
They have one at the farm across the street, neat little balers! Just need something that can put out small square bales :homer:
Hey Cubby123......I just got a 1955 CA too! Last 3 of serial number are 673.

Motor has been redone, new clutch, converted to 12 volt. I just started collecting parts for it from some of the vendors here. want to get everything working and keep it all original. Eventually I'd like to paint it, but for now I think it is cool as is.
I need to either get new spin-out rear rims or have mine patched. They are rotten around the valve stems.

Yours is pretty nice.


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I grew up on a WD and that is a nice looking machine! The hand clutch is great to have, we also had a Ford 8N at the other camp we maintained and always preferred the WD with the hand clutch. Nice to see them in that condition.
That's one thing I have to look at. Mine is missing the handle for the hand clutch (which I have ordered) so I screwed a threaded rod into it and it seems to be seized.
But then I read many people have bolted them together if they were pulling.

So not sure what I will do with mine. I use my Kubota for PTO work. Just going to use the Allis for parades and pulling matches at the local fairs. Right now I've just been enjoying it driving it around my bush roads and trails.
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Cubby.....did you ever get some haying equipment for yours?

I either want a two bottom plow for mine or I am going to do the 3 point hitch conversion on it to use my Land Pride implements. I haven't decided yet.
That's a nice Allis CA!
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