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54" Power Blade From a JD 318

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Hi my tractor bretheren. I just picked up a 54" blade from a JD 318 that I plan on mounting to my Bolens (OK no snickering in the back) QT-19. I found an Operator's Manual on Ebay but did not have any luck finding a Parts Manual, anyone have one to share or know where I might find a downloadable file? The unit is a little more than "used" but not "abused". The skid shoes are missing, one cylinder has some rust on it's shaft, but I think it is salvagable. The hoses however will have to be replaced, not to worried about them, I have the technology to make them up, at least the QD's are in servicable condition. I might even replace the scraper blade after painting. Any constructive advise will be appreciated.
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Here is the JD parts website, just type 318 into the model finder, then find it in the results, look at the attachments and then once you've selected the blade look at the sectional view. On the bottom you can select parts you want to price but you will have to create a login to the JD website to get pricing. No cost involved unless you order something!
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Thanks, It was a tough find, not under 318 but under 140. Parts on order.
Any constructive advise will be appreciated.

:sorry1: I don't have any except you are on the right track keep replacing till it is 100% John Deere.

(OK no snickering in the back) :ROF

mbenard wouldn't do this to ya if I didn't see you got a GOOD serious reply first :fing32:
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