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54" mower deck part needed badly!!

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Hoping someone can help me?

I am in dire need of the gearbox that drives the belts on a 54" deck, it connects to the driveshaft from the PTO

Cub Part # Cub Cadet 917-3447

Thanks so much
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There's a used one on eBay $309.

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Can you link to me ? I didnt see it? just g box right?
Thanks for the info, looked again, found it, and bought it.......

wondering has anybody else had to replace theirs?
What tore up on the original Ray? Looks like parts are still available. Got any pics of the internals?
Still on deck, put new drive belt and found I could move the drive pully too much lol...and I had been hearing a noise ( a new one!) lately......I had been told at one time they were re-buildable but I wasnt able to locate parts to do are still available but at $600.00 EACH!
The one I got was $329.00 (used but good) delivered......
But two were sold in one day, so if I can get parts, More than not I will sell it.......
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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