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54 inch plow problem

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I have a X485 with a snow blow on it and when I am plowing with the plow angled and I am pushing heavy snow the blade does not hold the angle ( slips back) the local John
Deere dealer said I should install a shut off valve on the line going to the rear ram. ( I did not get the hydraulic cylinder lockout valve when I got the front quick hitch and lift) He said that would make the angling more of an even movement but was not certain about the angling slippage. Any thoughts? Should I go buy this valve $96 and install it, am I damaging anything when the plow blade slips back?
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You need to have some sort of block off valve on the rear cylinder to get the front angle to hold solid. You are not hurting anything, but I am sure it is annoying. The two cylinders are hooked together and if you watch when to front angle is changing while pushing the rear lift cylinder moves too. The block off valve will also make your front angle move faster. There are other options out there other than the dealer valve. You could buy a cap and plug and just unhook one line from the rear cylinder if you don't use the deck lift all winter.
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