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54" Deere Blower gets its first real workout

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We got our first decent snow yesterday. The stuff was hard and wet. You could about walk on top of the snow it was so dense. Was about 34 degrees all day as it snowed.

The Yanmar diesel did good but you could tell it was working.

Here is a short video
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Nice job. All we got was rain here in central IL. Have a 59" blower I bought this fall and would like to give it a good test. Doesn't look like this is the year...
Nice vid.. Thanks for sharing.. You have more snow then we do.. I'm sure yours will melt first though..
:thanku: for the video! Glad you got to get some seat time!
Looks like it did a great job in that heavy wet stuff. slkpk
Great video, thanks. :trink39:
:thanku: for taking the video and taking the time to post it. That setup leaves a nice clean surface.:fing32:
Nice video, you are right it gave the Yanmar a workout in that snow.
looks like the stuff we got the first time i got to clear the new property, took me almost 2 hours.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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