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530 question

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new owener here bought an X 530 my hydro lift for mower leaks down is this normal also anybody usr amsoil hydro in their hydros go green
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Do you mean like over night they all do it. Or do you mean it does it in 10minutes?
On mine X540 the deck will drop all the way over night. It will drop even if I am doing other work with the tractor like pulling a cart over a period of say few hours...I hit the lift lever and the deck will come up maybe a 1/2 an inch. Just enough to see it move.

All this is normal...
My X540 does the same thing - deck drops over night. No big deal. I just drop the deck when I park it in the garage now.

I haven't had the deck drop when I'm using it though. Did about three hours of hauling brush in the cart and the deck stayed up the entire time.
thanks guys thats what minre does must be normal
I had the same ? a few weeks ago and mine will leak down overnight also but no when the motor is running. I will be dumping Amsoil in my tranny right before winter as I should have 25-30 hours on by then.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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