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5260 leaky gas cap

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First of all part of the problem is that the cap popped off the tractor while I was mowing and... you guessed it! It went through my 40 twin blade mowing deck! Ouch. See the pics. It was pretty mangled but I managed to get it back on the tank. However now gas sloshes out around the rim of the cap. I can only imagine it's now deformed and is not mating well. I tried custom cutting a rubber washer but that just got all bound up in there and didn't seal well. What else should I try? Can I get a replacement cap somewhere? Please advise.


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The best thing for you is to buy a new tractor, take off the gas cap and then call me and I will come up and take the new tractor without the cap out of your way:bananapow

But really, I am sure you can find a new gas cap. Call your local dealer, I am sure it is not that much $ to get a new one..
You could probably run down to your local NAPA store and grab one cheap too - for a lot less than you'll pay via the dealer.
Bluegoose you really think NAPA might have a comparable part? I guess I never thought that would be an option. I do have a dealer about an hour away so I might check there as well. Thanks!

I've used one off an old gas cushman golfcart. The cap off my 76 HD Sportster fits too. It's not a Gravely only type cap, NAPA may well have it.
Yep, thats a pretty common size. Lots of machinery would match up to that.Definitely try NAPA, Autozone, whatever......
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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