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520lxi - Transaxle fluid change problem

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Hi all, newcomer to the forum...

I recently acquired my first WH (came with the house), and love it. I just performed my first round of basic maintenance on it, and everything went well except changing the transaxle fluid.

Drained the oil, no problem. Changed the filter, it put up a fight but I won (a large hose runs diagonally across the filter, so you can't grip it from any angle, hard to even get a filter wrench on it). Putting the oil back in, here I have a problem. The first pint or so went right in. The next pint went in slower as air bubbled out past it, but went in at a reasonable pace. The next few pints trickled in over half an hour or so (each).

Now, I have less than half of the 4.5qts in it, and can't get any more oil to go in. Half a pint has sat in the funnel overnight, and shows no signs of taking any more. I suspect I somehow need to bleed out the air trapped in the transaxle, but see no way to do this. :banghead3

Any advice for a newbie?

Also, I have no intention of selling it, but just as a ballpark figure, how much would it cost to replace this thing? A fairly old (10+ years?) 520lxi, with ~300 hours on it... Basically, if something major breaks on it (I in no way claim myself as a skilled mechanic, as you can probably tell from my question :eek: ), should I bother having it fixed, or just plan on replacing it?

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I have similar issue with changing the hydro fluid on my 520-H which has the same transmission I believe. I have tried cracking the filter to let the air out but it just leaked oil too fast, and putting a straw down the filler tube as I replaced the oil. The best solution I've found is to place a funnel into the tube and seat it down firm so oil can't leak past it, then fill the funnel about half way up and then use the dip stick to "burp" the air out. I just keep poking it down as far as I can get it and it will release air on every up stroke. It's still slow, but a lot faster than waiting for the air to come out on it's own. arthurb's idea of rotating the tires might work too, but the air will need to come out the tube so a funnel to "catch it" is advised. Good luck.

Oh, and same on the oil level taking some time to settle down. I don't get a consistent reading until I mow with it 2-3 times.
Thank you, Arthur and CHD...

Yes, I have power steering on mine, so I will see if I can find that screw in the service manual.

I tried turning both the drive wheels and the steering wheel, no luck with that.

I will also try the dip stick idea next, that sounds promising (especially since you've had the same problem and that helped).

If the dipstick isn't long enough, try a piece of coat hanger wire. Let us know.

My seat pan doesn't mount to the tranny. There's a gas tank and a frame around the tank that the seat mounts to. Must have changed the seat mount since the early wheel horses.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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