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520lxi - Transaxle fluid change problem

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Hi all, newcomer to the forum...

I recently acquired my first WH (came with the house), and love it. I just performed my first round of basic maintenance on it, and everything went well except changing the transaxle fluid.

Drained the oil, no problem. Changed the filter, it put up a fight but I won (a large hose runs diagonally across the filter, so you can't grip it from any angle, hard to even get a filter wrench on it). Putting the oil back in, here I have a problem. The first pint or so went right in. The next pint went in slower as air bubbled out past it, but went in at a reasonable pace. The next few pints trickled in over half an hour or so (each).

Now, I have less than half of the 4.5qts in it, and can't get any more oil to go in. Half a pint has sat in the funnel overnight, and shows no signs of taking any more. I suspect I somehow need to bleed out the air trapped in the transaxle, but see no way to do this. :banghead3

Any advice for a newbie?

Also, I have no intention of selling it, but just as a ballpark figure, how much would it cost to replace this thing? A fairly old (10+ years?) 520lxi, with ~300 hours on it... Basically, if something major breaks on it (I in no way claim myself as a skilled mechanic, as you can probably tell from my question :eek: ), should I bother having it fixed, or just plan on replacing it?

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Thank you, Arthur and CHD...

Yes, I have power steering on mine, so I will see if I can find that screw in the service manual.

I tried turning both the drive wheels and the steering wheel, no luck with that.

I will also try the dip stick idea next, that sounds promising (especially since you've had the same problem and that helped).

Just wanted to post a followup with my results...

The dipstick ended up not long enough, but a coat hanger worked just fine. The remaining oil took about five minutes to get in (though the bubbles made quite a mess :eek: Next time, I'd do that *outside* the garage).

I'll have to try removing those bolts next time Billy... That sounds like a much easier solution, if I have the right sort of mounting for it to work.

So, thanks all, my WH has returned to useful service - Now if it will just stop raining here, I can get the lawn back under control. :D
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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