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520H...can it handle this??

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I have a Wheelhorse 520H, no attachments other than a 48" mower deck.

I'm looking to make my backyard/field into a garden. It's about 2 acres in size.

Can my wheelhorse handle this type of work, or should I be looking at other larger tractors with a live rear pto and 3 pt hitch?

My first inclination is to get the other tractor. I think I would wear out my Wheelhorse from all the tilling, cultivating, hilling, etc...

Your thoughts?
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If it were me, I'd go for a bigger tractor, but I am dealing with Virginia clay. If you decide to go ahead with the 520, I would get someone with a bigger tractor to initially fall plow the area. It will make it much easier to till in the spring.
Though I am sure the 520 would be up to the task I would at least rent another tractor to break the soil for the first time. Once it has been turned over and churned up a bit I think you would be good to go.

The 520 definitely has the horsepower to get it done but many people insist on using a Wheel Horse with an 8 speed while having the ability to put it down in low range. The hyrdo's can be somewhat tricky to keep them back from being pushed too much by the tiller.

I would only purchase a bigger tractor if I could justify using it for many more projects around the house or to make a few extra bucks on the side.
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I'd go with a Diesel Compact Utility Tractor. The fuel savings alone will be worth it in the long run. You'll also have many more attachments available with a standard 3 point hitch since I believe most of the attachments for the 520 are proprietary.
You can always buy a 3-point for the 520.
Thanks for the input everyone.


Excellent idea! I hadn't considered that. My neighbor has a larger tractor and I"ll approach him with your idea. I'm pretty sure he would either rent his to me or just come over and plow it the first time.


My consideration for other tractors entered when I first started looking at the attachments for the 520. They seem so expensive for just a garden tractor. That lead me to looking at classic larger tractors and implements. I was pleasantly surprised...the prices are very reasonablein this area, and seem to keep going down. (Due to the popularity of the CUTs right now, I'm sure). There would be a number of projects I could do if I had a FEL or backhoe, pto, and 3 pt.


I looked into the newer Diesel CUTs.....and I got serious sticker shock. I have nothng against them, but I can't justify the expense of a rig like that.
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Kinda feel stupid now for even asking the original question.

I thought I had looked into just about every possibility on small farm/large garden equipment. Turns out I haven't even scratched the surface. I'm just now discovering products like the Kwik Way FEL, the Johhny Bucket products, etc...

I didn't realize these little garden tractors were capable of so much work.
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I have a Johnny Bucket Jr. It's OK but I'm going to be upgrading to a 4wd 40-60hp diesel tractor with grapple bucket, backhoe, chipper and as many attachments I can fit on the delivery trailer to better suit my needs. Below is a link to some Johnny Bucket Jr. documentation I received. Wheelhorse.pdf
You can do a lot with a 520-H. Attachments are pricey if you get new or barely used but I have never compared them to a larger CUT. I am assuming the prices for them would be pretty salty as well.

For my needs.......520-H is all I would need. Other's have more property and more of a need than I that case a CUT would be more economical in the long run.

Good luck on your search!
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I love my 520 but the only tiller that fits that model is a 36" version and it would take a long time to till 2 acres with a 36" tiller. Other than that, I agree it's up to it once you find someone with a larger tractor to do break the virgin ground.
If and when you do decide to do this project--let us see some pictures...

I, myself, have been drooling over a Kubota BX, with FEL, but really don't have that much use for one, at this time--(Maybe if things change)

I accually used my small 310-8 to do a garden for my neighbor. About an acre only and it was fresh ground. Took a little while but it was fun and got some seat time. I was only pulling an 8in though. You could probebly get away with ising a 12.

This was just a random pick from a prior plow day. I never got stuck once unless somebody was realllly deep in front of me. The transaxle would bottom out. I have 70lbs weights mounted on the inside of each rim.


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