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520 H seats

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I have two 520 H's one is a 89 one that I just bought is a 94 . The older one
has springs with a bumper pad on each mount bolt an a striker in the middle for the safety switch . The newer one does not have either an at the parts
store his schematic just shows some bumper pads no springs . Did they change on the newer ones it seems like the older one has a softer ride . I know I could bore a couple holes an put springs on the 94 but i was just wondering why they changed an if anyone has one one without springs ?
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1989 had one model as 31-20OE02 and 1994 520-H had two versions in that year, 73501 and 73520. The two 1994 models implies there was a modification between those two models which required different part lists.

Got to this Toro page and search those 1994 model numbers. Download the parts catalogs for each one and take a look at the differences in the seat areas.

Unfortunately the part catalog for the 1989 is not available.
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My '93 has no springs, but it is a suspension seat of sorts as the seat mounts to two sideways oriented, U-shaped steel bars. I find the ride very comfortable; better than my much newer Kubota in fact.
Found it mine takes two rubber bumpers that just stick too the sheet metal .
They set my seat up straighter alls well thanks George
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