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520-h Hydro questions

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I am looking at a 520. It seems to pick up speed like it is freewheeling when going down a slight grade. It also can be pushed when the engine is not running. All of the hydro tractor I have encountered in the past you could not push or had to open a valve to allow you to. Is there a valve on this tractor that could be open? Is the transmission bad? How much are they to rebuild? Thanks.
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Handyman, I had a 520H and the way the book explained to move the tractor when it was not running was to pull up on the belt tensioner arm to loosen the drive belt and to move the motion control lever to the forward position. There was no other valve to open, so I would first think the drive belt or belt tensioning system to be worn and not operating properly. I liked the 520H it was a good tractor, I was just on it today at my son-in-laws ( I gave it to him ) I was pushing some dirt around. It brought back lots of memories.
My 520 does the same thing. I believe this is normal for this type of hydro tranny. When you start to pick up speed on a down hill slope, pull back on the speed control handle a little. That should slow it down. Yes, it is made to be able to roll it with the engine not running, but it must be rolled very slowly. If you move it too fast, it will make a clicking noise and slow down. That is normal.
I heard that clicking noise when towing my 520-H across the yard (slowly) with another lawn tractor. Both my 520-H and 416-H seem to freewheel when not running, as long as they're moving slow. I'm almost learned the hard way when not setting the parking brake as securely as I should have.
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