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5127, 5124, and a Lawnboy-powered Mastercraft mower.

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I just picked these 3 mowers up for $20. The 5127 and mastercraft have F Engines and seems like very clean low hour machines.

I cleaned the carb on the 5127, added fresh gas/oil and it started right up. I'd like to put the motor on a cast aluminum deck because I prefer them over the steel decks, but I noticed that the blade on this mower is attached with a lock washer and a bolt instead of a blade nut. Are they unique or did Lawnboy change over at some point?
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Lawn-Boy used the bolt into the crankshaft on the 1979 Utility mower model 4500 that used the D410 engine and on some others of this era. I am not sure why, but it may have been to use up parts from the earlier Loafer era engine or something else. I don't think they ever used that style of crankshaft on the D600 or F engine mowers.
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