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5065m power beyond question (seeking advice)

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Thanks for reading. Pretty simple question really. Why does the power beyond kit include a hose and why should I leave that hose connected between the PB outlet and case drain when not using a P.B. implement???
I have a 2012 John Deere 5065m with dual rear scvs. no mids. I installed a westendorf ta-26 FEL and am presently hooked into those SCVs. For several reasons I want to buy a joystick for the loader and connect it to the P.B. Thus reserving my SCVs for such things as snowblower spouts, grader blades etc. and never have to unhook the FEL.
Makes sense right??
But Im curious why they include a short hose for when I'm not hooked up to (in my case,) my joystick. Why not just leave it as Q. Disconnects marked pressure and return? What would happen if I disconnected that hose while the tractor was running? Also, am I going to see a noticable reduction in speed from my FEL?
Lastly, if I go to fleet farm, is there a special feature I should look at on the joystick package (open center? closed center?) Like I said, I'm not familiar with this, spent my working life in the army doing sheetmetal work on aircraft.. Just learning about it all now and trying to not spend too much $. :thanku:


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