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5000 Series Battery Reccomendation?

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Hello All,

My 5260 battery that came with the tractor is now dead after many years of operation. It is a GROUP 58 battery. I was looking to replace it but wanted to know if a group 58 with 550 cold cranking amps was actually necessary to run the starter and iginition coil or if I could go with a smaller style lawn tractor battery with 200 or 220 CCA's. Can you all share what you're using in your walk behinds and make some recommendations? A new Group 58 could be as much as 150$ but a lawn tractor battery is 50$.



PS: I'm attaching pics of the current battery.


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Nate, I don't have a walk behind, but I will share my GRAVELY rider battery experience.

Like the walk behinds, the riders use a full size automotive battery.

I bought my tractor new in 1996, I have always replaced the battery with the same group 22F battery GRAVELY sold it with.

Batteries have each lasted 7-8 years without any jump starting, separate charging, battery tenders, etc.

Sometimes my tractor has been used during winter for snow plowing, some winters not. It always starts right up.

Every time it did fail to start, it was simply time for a new battery, again about every 7-8 years.

So the question is, how long will the smaller battery last? How much "trouble" will you have with it?

Are you really saving any money in the long run?

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