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5000 Series Battery Reccomendation?

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Hello All,

My 5260 battery that came with the tractor is now dead after many years of operation. It is a GROUP 58 battery. I was looking to replace it but wanted to know if a group 58 with 550 cold cranking amps was actually necessary to run the starter and iginition coil or if I could go with a smaller style lawn tractor battery with 200 or 220 CCA's. Can you all share what you're using in your walk behinds and make some recommendations? A new Group 58 could be as much as 150$ but a lawn tractor battery is 50$.



PS: I'm attaching pics of the current battery.


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If I were you, I'd look for a type MU1R 300 CCA lawn and garden battery from Dekka/East Penn Manufacturing. Can't say if they are available in Maine, as they are manufactured practically in my back yard. I've been ordering them from Lowe's and doing in-store pickup. I run one of these in my Pro8. Yes, they are cheaper.

The battery box on a 5260 may dwarf one of these so be prepared to shim and stabilize as needed.

Edit: Just realized you will likely have to change out your terminal ends if you wanted to go to a MU1R.

Hope the chickens are doing well.

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