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50" mower deck for JD 420-430

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So I am in need of a mowing deck for my old 420. It would have originally came with a 50" or 60" shaft drive deck. I bought it without a deck and am trying to decide if I want a 50 or a 60. I had a 430 with a 60 and honestly thought it was too big for my yard. I don't have an acerage or anything big I just like the older bigger garden tractors. I have never used a 50 or seen one for that matter, but I do know a guy that has one for sale, at a premium of course. I am wondering if anyone on here had used both and how they compare. Do they both mow good? Is one preferable? I know the 50 isn't much wider than the tractor wheels, is that an issue? Is there anything bad about a 50 other than its not as big as a 60. I am thinking maybe the 50 wont scalp my yard in places the 60 did, and will fit it tighter places. Were the 50" decks just no popular because most people wanted to mow bigger areas or is there something else I'm missing?? I even talked to a guy who has been buying and selling this stuff for 26 years and had only ever seen one 50" deck! Also, wondering if a 50" from a 318 or similar would be able to be retrofitted with the shaft drive assembly or not. Thanks.
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Where the crap did you find a 50" deck for a 420??! Aparantly they are rare? I want one !
So you're saying a 50 is too small for the tractor? Does that hurt the tractor somehow? Honestly I am open to all advice on this subject, I don't wanna spend $600 on a deck just to be disappointed. Without ever owning a 50 I think I want one because my yard is small. The only downside I can think of is that the 50 will only stick out past the left edge of the tractor about 4" so if mowing around a bush or something you might be rubbing your leg and the side of the mower up against the bush.
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