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50 hr service wrench needs

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Doe anyone recall the sizes of wrenches needed to do a 50 hr service on a 2305?

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I don't recall the sizes, but my common Craftsman wrenches were sufficient (except to remove the fuel filter: I purchased a special oil-filter wrench fro $5 that worked fine, but many have been successful using channel locks).
The filter is the hardest part. The gorilla that puts them on in Osaka must be a sumo wrestler. :) I'm going by memory, but you only need wrenches for the drain plug and the suction tube bolts between the fender and hydro (probably the biggest tip is to loosen these to get at the suction tube).
Drain plug for transmission I believe is 17mm if you take filler tube off or loose at takes 10mm. Need the old larger filter wrench or large channel locks.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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