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5-12 tractor tire

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Looking for two 5-12 tractor tires for my amf. These are usually called titan lug or something along those lines. Let me know. Live in Petersburg Ky. Thank you.
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Titan no longer makes 5-12 tires. We stock Superstrong, $65 each + UPS. You can buy on on our Ebay store, item number: 220868032569

Or call 800-621-1955


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Superstrong is a Firestone "Look-a-Like", same 23* tread, and they used the "All Traction Field & Road" name.

Made in China, but you will like the quality of this tire.
Get good year super sure grip
Made in the USA
Goodyear Super Sure Grip are no longer made. We can now get Titan Tru Power, $95 each. Made in the USA.

I will take a look at your site Thank-you.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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