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4X6 property cart

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Built this in the early 90's for my 855.

I repaced some wood and put a new suppension system and fenders on it a few years back.

More picture's of it and a 3X5 platform I built for the 855's bucket some years ago, if you click on tackit there in my albums.

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Nicely done! Looks pretty solid.
The suspension adds a nice feature to your nice looking build. Great job.
Really nice work, thats a great looking cart :fing32:.
Looks nice ,,,,well done !!!
Thanks Guys, sorry I haven't been back sooner, sometimes I forget what threads I'm in and I don't choose the right words to explain myself when I do. .. :banghead3

I made the wood top rails higher than the metal side support posts so the kids hands wouldn't get cut on the posts when they jump in and out of the cart.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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