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It was time for a oil change in my Husqvarna 224l so I decided to do a how to thread for those viewers who may have a 4cycle and will find this useful maybe :dunno: so here we go...
1. Start the engine for about 1min to warm oil up...
2. Unscrew the dipstick and drain oil into a used oil container... let trimmer sit for a few minutes then drain any remaining oil.
3. Choose your oil and amount by brand or model - in my case my Husq takes a little under 3oz but I used a pre-measured 3.2oz bottle just for the beginners that might find this easier instead of measuring. I think other brands like Cub Cadet or TroyBilt use this amount. I had to drain some out until it read right on the dipstick.
4. I use a funnel - or poke a small hole in the seal on oil bottle and pour slowly into the spout.
5. With trimmer sitting level put the dipstick back in and check your oil level. If all reads correct then your trimmer should fire up and run like new :trink39:

Some other things I did was check my air filter and spark plug. I took pics , I will try to get them in order . I hope this helps some of you . I change my oil in this Husqvarna about 4 times a season. I use 10w30


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