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49 chute control & cozy cab

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How the heck do you get the chute control rod through the cab, lol. There's just a 1" hole in the small front panel on the cab. Looks like I'll have to cut the steel rod and come up with a way to connect them again, which may come in handy anyway when storing the thrower. Could cut a slot in the panel too. Curious what others have done though.
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I did grind a flat area on the rod going into the sleeve so that the allen sets would hold it without spinning when the chute gets hard to turn.
I'm going to need to do this to my 49 tomorrow. Not only is t a pain to mount the blower with that rod flopping around, I need to make mine about 3" longer. Since my cab isn't really for a 317 the handle is right by the shield an really hard to turn.

Did you use just one set screw to hold the sections together or 2?
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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