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49 chute control & cozy cab

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How the heck do you get the chute control rod through the cab, lol. There's just a 1" hole in the small front panel on the cab. Looks like I'll have to cut the steel rod and come up with a way to connect them again, which may come in handy anyway when storing the thrower. Could cut a slot in the panel too. Curious what others have done though.
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Solved that problem some time ago, wish JD would do something like this with all their snowblowers, makes storing them much easier too!

That's about what I was thinking. I was going to make a flange a while back just for storage but that won't work with the cab either. Thanks for the picture.
49 chute control & cozy cab

I did grind a flat area on the rod going into the sleeve so that the allen sets would hold it without spinning when the chute gets hard to turn.

Good idea, thanks. Did you buy or make that collar?
Couldn't find a piece like yours for the life of me. Ended up using a 3/8" threaded rod connector. Welded it on one end and drilled a hole through the nut and rod to put in a cotter pin. The nut made drilling the hole a breeze. I did also have to drill out the inside threads to fit the chute control rod. PA318, Your idea got me on the right path though.

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