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49, 8n

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Just got in from deer lease, spent better part of a whole day working on this jezebel, replaced plugs, points , cond, dist cap , coil everything on the front as far as ignition goes, carb was already rebuilt, it will fire up run fine but when you put it under a load and gov kicks in it will die just like you turned it off, then acts like it is about half flooded when it tries to start back up.
I need your suggestions to help me get this thing running right
thanks JIm
PS no insurance so i can't burn it.
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sounds like you need to retime the distributor. Can be a little tricky on them front mounts until you get used to them.
How do i time it? basically only go in one way is there an adjustment that i haven't seen. We set the points at 16/1000.
do you have the FO4 manual for it? It shows how to time the distributor, there is more to it than just gapping the points.
no i don't have the manual you mentioned, but did find article that taleked about stting the points using the screw on side of dist and measuring a 1/4' up from hole with straight edge to find when points started to open
The instructions for timing the front mounts was posted here some time back, a search should bring it up.

Are you sure your carb is adjusted correctly?
I have fooled with this thing so much the last 3 or 4 days that I am not sure about anything, We have tried adjusting it different ways,even changed it out for a different one, both have been cleaned and major kits put in them, i found an article that tells about using a straight edge an allowing about a 1/4" and using screw on side to adjust until points just start opening, I am open for all suggestions on what to try , It will set and idle without a problem, i am beginning to think im have a wiring demon
Alright dumb question are you sure you have the firing order correct, these tractors will idle with them crossed.
no questionmis dumb, this was why i asked in another post about where 31 is located on cap, I think i probably have a carb problem instead of firing order, but will know by thursday , I thank you for the help, will post up what i figure out is wrong when i get back to town
well just got back after spending anothr week at the lease and working on the 8n , got the scoundrel running and it would quit, replaced the starter solnoid, then the starte switch went out ,so i am on a mission to rid myself of this wiring gremilin,

Does anybody out there have a wiring diagram for a 12volt conv. using a 1 wire chevy alternator, showing the amp meter etc

Thanks a buch for the help so far
Yep, the wire diagram has been posted several times, a search of the fite should provide you with a copy. If not Ken or that other guy Steve :lalala: will be along to post one.
thanks for the help fellows, bud from lease called me, we got a dud solinoid, have replaced with one rated for continious service solved the problem

Kirk thanks for the link very good info site
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