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48in deck on old 300 leveling issue

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Is there a longer adjustable deck hanger available? The adjustable Hanger is set as low as it can, and is still about an inch higher than the non adjustable side after my neighbor borrowed it. I know something is bent, but I just need to get through this season and it would be easier if I could just buy a longer threaded "L" to get more adjustment.
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You'll need to make a longer threaded L. He must have really messed something up bad (bent arm on rockshaft ? ) Good Luck
Number 1 lesson, don't loan out lawn mower. Go over and cut it for him if you want to help.
Maybe something like one of the deck hangers got flipped over. On the 316 there was a little "L" shaped hanger up on the frame that would get flipped upside down by the garage fairy over the winter. So when I went to put the deck on it wouldn't level right, and would lift crooked.
I made my own L out of a long bolt. Just clamp it in a vise and pound the head over with a hammer.
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