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47 snowblower chute control

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I just ordered a linear actuator from AEI. I chose one with a 6' travel. I read others have used the 4" throw model, but i figured the extra 2" would give me a greater range.Does anyone have any input on the job? I'll post pics when i get it and install. It moves a 1/2 a second, so,IU think that should be good.
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Check the forum there is a member with one installed already by his dealer on his 47inch Blower I guess it was a pretty straight forward install for his dealer:thThumbsU
Hi there I have one installed on my 47" blower. I used a 2" stroke actuator. Works perfect- It goes from fully extended up to downward. Works awesome I got to use it for the storm we had a month ago. A 25 pound force model is plenty.


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Oh also, it really doesnt matter on the stoke you get , 2, 4 or 6" will be fine, it just depends how the radius is set when you drill the holes.....I think 6" may be a bit much though.
I bought one on Ebay for $40 delivered. I had seen someone else here use the same unit. 3" stroke worked perfect.

It was so simple I couldn't believe it. I used the existing holes and only drilled them out for the larger diameter bolts. It took less than 15 minutes to install.

I purchased it from user Drum4382 and he has a bunch of them posted for that price now on Ebay.
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6" works perfect and a 15lb model is way stronger than needed and comes in a much more compact deign.

There is a recent thread if can find the link I will post.

But all you need is the actuator and a DPDT switch couple of small bolt. U only need to dill two small oles.

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I believe (from looking at your avatar) you have the same blower as I do on our 2520. Here is a link I posted previously when I added an electric actuator to our blower on our 2320.

Hope it helps and best of luck with your modification.

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a 2" actuator may be ok for your purpose but it will not go from full open to full close if that is the intention...

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I just completed mine, I just mounted it "rod down", I mounted the rocker dpdt sw on the left removeable black great! thanks !
I bought one also from a guy in the Boston area. And, I had to put it upside down cause when the snow melt in my heated garage , water goes in the actuator and freeze in sub zero weather in the township where I reside... Beware of that situation!
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