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47 inch chute deflector Modification

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Hi, I know this has been delt with on other threads but I'm pretty proud of myself for completing this mod so here is my story and some pics , if I can post them. Any questions, PM me.

Firgelli no longer makes the 4 inch stroke mini actuator with 15 lbs force so I opted for the 6 inch stroke, not taking into consideration that the body would also be longer. The pics will show how much longer and where I bolted the bottom to the chute. Fully open and Closed will not even use the full 6 inch stroke, way overkill but I was concerned about the force issue. again, 15 lbs is overkill, IMHO but it works. I bought a water proof Boat dpdt switch, a little bigger then usual but I wanted a larger switch for gloved hands. so far so good. I used 16 guage wire , again overkill but works great. I also installed a Custom Dynamics, magic block for pos and neg. These have a fuse installed already, and all you do is hook them to the battery post and put your wire end in and lock the orange lever down. DONE. If you want to add anything else, like Led work lights , You just push the wires in , add your on and off toggle switch and DONE. You don't have to go to the battery again . Pics of them and they work. They have four outlets so you have plenty of room. Hopefully the pics will speak for themselves, the thing works, Overkill yes, but I don't think it will fail anytime soon. Thanks for listening to the rant.
Jerry in wisconsin


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Looks great!:fing32:

Thanks for sharing the project, pics, and thoughts too! Every one of these is a little different and it is great seeing how it was done with different tractors, actuators, and switch placement.

One question - do you have a fuse inline anywhere?

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