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47 blower belt and chute control

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well i got the 47 blower mounted to the 332, my lord is that thing ungodly to put on, I can lift the back of the tractor with one hand when the blower is off the ground, ...any way, cant get the belt on. I know how to put it fully around 1 of the pulleys, then sink it in a bit to the second pulley and work it around by spinning the pulley, but this things isn't coming close. Even if I were to get it, it seems as though it would be too tight. Belt that come with the blower was brand new (12 years old,never used), #m75746. Is this the right belt? A short google just says it's a drive belt. Do belts shrink with age? Also, how smoothly should that chute rotate, it seems a bit rough after not being used for so long. Any tips on that? Thanks
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