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46 Bean Cutler-1

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The transmission and engine mounting frame are ready to set back down on the floor.
This is a heavy unit but I felt that this was still light enough that it could be moved with my lift cart.
The transmission is tilted back onto the lift table and supported by wood blocks.

then I rolled the stand out of the way and set the transmission down so it is resting one some support blocks.

Most of this week has been spent sanding down a lot of the parts and getting them painted.

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Looks like the beginning of another great project Ray. Looking forward to more.:fing32:
Time to start putting this back together.
The main frame is set down onto the pivot shaft on the top of the transmission.

then I supported the rear of the frame with the lift cart and assembled the rear axle arms and wheel hubs.

The rear wheels were bolted on and the tractor was set down on the rear tires.

the front of the tractor was jacked up and the front wheels were bolted on.

Here's a view from the rear.

Because this is going to be set up as a mower and not a garden tractor, I'm using a lawn type tire tread instead of the normal tractor lug style.

The front tires have about 3/8 inch clearance between the tire and the back of the front plate.

It's time to get out the reel mower units and start soaking them down with a degreaser.
They have some real heavy grease on them so I want to be able to let them soak for a few days before I wash them off.

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Great progress Ray. Looks like it will be a nice mowing machine.:fing32:
Is it going to go fast enough to mow? Nice progress and glad to see you getting this one done. These things sure are unstable when you are mounting the wheels. They want to pivot on the shaft when tilted just a little. did you find an original engine for it?
Is it going to go fast enough to mow?
The original tires are about 26 inch diameter and these tires are about 28 inch diameter.
I'm also making the engine drive pulley a little larger diameter than the original pulley.
Between the two, it should go a little faster.

That's all academic anyway as I'll never use it to do any serious mowing.
It will mostly just be taken to tractor shows.

did you find an original engine for it?
Yes, I found a 1946 Wisconsin AKS last summer.
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